Ever wondered about what a graphics tablet’s guts look like? Here’s a peek.

蛋蛋28苹果手机版下载Why do I have my poor Huion opened up here? Because I was a clumsy idiot and spilled coffee on it.



蛋蛋28苹果手机版下载Ideally, we’d all avoid drinking at our desks. Or have sippy cups or something. But nobody is perfect, and shit happens. In the event that you’re clumsy like me, I humbly present:



*a screwdriver, preferably from an electronics-geared screwdriver set (my tablet had little Philips-head screws)

蛋蛋28苹果手机版下载*a container to gather your screws so you don’t lose them

蛋蛋28苹果手机版下载*nitrile gloves (the kind your dentist uses)

*isopropyl alcohol (I used 99% concentration; you can use 91% if that’s what you have access to, but it won’t evaporate as quickly)

*eye protection (woodshop glasses, lab goggles, etc)

*cotton swabs / paper towels / an old or cheap toothbrush


Work in a well-ventilated area. Isopropyl alcohol gives off fumes you Do Not Want To Inhale A Lot Of™. If you have any form of lung protection, now is the time to wear it.

Similarly, you don’t want highly-concentrated isopropyl alcohol on your skin. That’s what the gloves are for. You may also want to wear an apron, in case you spill it down your front.

You might cut yourself on plastic / metal edges of your tablet, or have a piece of plastic snap off and try to ping you in the eye. The latter is what the eye protection is for. As for the former: go slow and be careful during disassembly.

If you’re not comfortable with working on electronics, find someone in your circles who is. This procedure is theoretically safe, but if your tablet has a rechargeable battery in it, there runs the risk of electrical shock.

This WILL void your warranty. In an ideal world, you’d only do this if your warranty is expired anyway, like mine is, or else on a tablet you can afford to replace. Once you open up your tablet, the manufacturer / retailer can no longer help you with it.

In short: YOU and YOU ALONE are responsible for your safety, and for the results of your work. I have informed you of the risks, and therefore I am not responsible for any errors you may make. If you screw up and hurt yourself / wreck your tablet / rip a hole in space-time, that’s your problem.

With that all said, let’s hop to it! ☆゚°˖* ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ


Step 1: unplug tablet as soon as something spills on it. 蛋蛋28苹果手机版下载Tilt the tablet so the liquid flows AWAY from the hotkeys and USB port; you don’t want that circuitry to pick up any more of the spill than necessary. Drain as much liquid as will flow out of the tablet.

In my case, however, I wasn’t quick enough to get to step 2 while the spill was fresh; I got my tablet apart after the coffee got to dry and leave syrupy residue behind. I shall henceforth refer to this residue as “sticky crap”.

蛋蛋28苹果手机版下载Step 2: Pop the back off the tablet. The screws are likely to be under any rubber feet the tablet may have (as in my case), but they might be exposed, depending on the model. In addition, my tablet had little pressure clips along the sides, holding the panel in; I pried one side open with my screwdriver (although something like a butter / palette knife may have worked better) and pulled the panel off.

Step 3: If your tablet has a battery, unplug it from the circuit board. (If it’s not unpluggable, then your tablet manufacturer is a jerk. Desoldering, unfortunately, is beyond the scope of this guide.)

Step 4: Undo all the screws holding the circuit board in place. At this point, I was faced with a metal plate - likely an RF shield. That will lift off once all the screws are out, and when any tape holding the edges is removed.

Be smarter than I was - take a photo of your assembly BEFORE you start taking out screws, so you know where they all go back. Not all of my tablet’s screw holes had screws in them.

Wipe up any remaining standing liquid with a paper towel as you find it.

蛋蛋28苹果手机版下载Step 5: My metal plate had a plastic sheet between it and the circuit board. They both lifted off easily.

Chances are, depending on the nature of the spill, these metal and plastic sheets will have sticky crap on them. Mine sure did. Apply isopropyl alcohol and scrub off whatever sticky crap has accumulated. Do the same for the back of the circuit board, the big part that corresponds to the active area of your tablet. Let the isopropyl alcohol evaporate.

Step 6: You’ll likely see some foil tape covering up a small part of the board to the side of the active area. Peel that up gently. (Try not to get hairs / lint / etc stuck to it. You can get them off with isopropyl alcohol, but it will reduce the stickiness.) Clean up the sticky crap off the part of the back of the board where the circuitry is. The cotton swabs are invaluable here for a gentler touch.

蛋蛋28苹果手机版下载Step 7: Gently remove the circuit board from the case plastic and set it aside somewhere safe. Clean any sticky crap off the front of the board / the circuitry / in the USB port / the back of the buttons in the case.

Step 8: Examine the plastic case pieces for any sticky crap, and clean it off as needed.

蛋蛋28苹果手机版下载Step 9: Reassemble tablet. Press back down any foil tape you peeled up from the circuitry, as neatly as possible; lay down the circuit board; lay the plastic sheet between the circuit board and the metal sheet; ensure everything lines up with the screw holes; refer to the picture you hopefully took in step 4 so you can remember where all the screws go.

Step 10: Walk away for like 10-15 minutes so any remaining isopropyl alcohol can dissipate.

Step 11: Plug in your tablet and pray.

蛋蛋28苹果手机版下载My tablet has survived 2 courses of this treatment, from 2 different spills, and still works as well as it did before said spills. This is what worked for me; I do not guarantee it will work for every kind of spill, or for everyone who tries this. Your mileage may vary.

Apologies for the dash-eating post. I wrote this from my phone because my internet’s acting up.

I am no longer supporting or purchasing armatures from ArmatureNine.Com (cw: transphobia)





EDIT 05-16-2017: Added Links to all screenshots for easier readability, also he did a Follow Up, added below.

蛋蛋28苹果手机版下载I know about a week and a half ago I was posting my entry for Armature Nine’s monthly art contest.  However, recently due to how a developer blog post was handled poorly, I am no longer purchasing A9 products, nor I will continue to participate in the monthly contest or associate myself with such until things improve.

On May 14th made a blog post in celebration of Mother’s Day announcing new parts available for their human Ranger model, dubbing this alternative version Ranger XX.  The blog post is found here. The post also went into great detail about the celebration of “womben” and contains several quotes such as “ There is something incredibly magical about the female powers of birth and rearing” that myself and other individuals found transphobic, especially since the name of the new toy was associating XX chromosomes and childbirth with IDing as a woman.  I sent the following email to Paul, who runs A9 on his own:



He responded with the following.  While I was deadnamed he did apologize in subsequent emails, which made this entire issue even more baffling.



蛋蛋28苹果手机版下载I then reiterated how his previous email contained a non-apology of “sorry you were offended”, clarified my point further, and then offered to help him edit the blog post so that it could be less transphobic and help smooth things over with people, who I was not the first to post concern in the blog’s comment board.



I recieved another non-apology, this time stating that he really wanted to go with the chromosomes.  The “it’s pure biology” statement was a point of concern, seeing as chromosomes have been used as reasoning for dehumanizing trans folks. Per his prompting I looked at his comment:



I was deeply disappointed about how once again, my concerns and the concerns of other transgender folks were being dismissed and blamed for being too sensitive.  I REALLY did not appreciate how he invoked pride parades as a form of discrimination, and how he could compare it to him not getting to celebrate Christmas.  It was remarkably tone-deaf. He also seems to be intentionally ignoring definitions in favor of explaining back to those affected in a condescending tone.  I then sent him an email explaining that I would no longer be supporting his products and encouraging him to listen to what people had to say.

蛋蛋28苹果手机版下载My friend Lucian made some very salient points regarding this, but was also dismissed.







You get the gist.  This has been an extremely long and exhausting conversation.  I was polite, reasonable, and I even offered my precious time to sensitivity read and correct stuff.  However, I’m disappointed to see that Armature Nine is much more concerned with being right and digging his heels in than listening to the concerns by MULTIPLE trans folks who honestly feel really betrayed by all of this.

As of 5/16, he has now closed the comment thread after one comment agreed with him.  He continues on with the weird womb fetishization, and then proceeded to intentionally misgender trans parents who have given birth to children.



EDIT 5/16/17: He posted a follow up article regarding the issue, proceeding to mock individuals who had raised concerns and putting in a graph insinuating that it had increased sales, therefore he was in the right.



Paul Siegel, head of Armature Nine as stated on your website, you have shown yourself to be a massive transphobe who when multiple transgender artists, including myself, raised legitimate concerns, you not only dismissed us and gave non apologies, you had to further go and make a post BRAGGING about it. Fuck trans people, get money, huh?  I encourage people to express strong disapproval of his actions, and refrain from supporting his business.  I am furthermore no longer associating myself with his company. Fuck you.

蛋蛋28苹果手机版下载Reblogged with updated information, as well as image links for those who have difficulty seeing the images.

蛋蛋28苹果手机版下载He has double-doubled down by saying those who call him cisgender are not only hateful and racist and that he will continue to diminish women to their wombs (by using the word womban).

蛋蛋28苹果手机版下载His behavior and attitude and deplorable and disgusting and his fetishizing of wombs and people with them are quite frankly very weird and disturbing.

蛋蛋28苹果手机版下载Instead of simply saying sorry, I did not mean it that way and fixing his language, he dug his grave while screaming at trans people he wasn’t a transphobe.

I feel deeply disturbed that I ever supported Mr Siegel’s business, seeing how he thinks of the world and how poorly he handles criticism.

For someone who disparages “echo chambers” so much, he’s incredibly adept at handpicking definitions and opinions that suit his narrative. The cognitive dissonance and confirmation bias displayed in his communications is astounding. Frankly, I’m almost impressed by how far he’s jammed his head in the sand.

蛋蛋28苹果手机版下载He’s lost my business, and I can no longer recommend his products in good conscience.

In addition, to call his critics “insane” in another update to his post (see screenshot below) is incredibly ableist, on top of the bullshit he’s already spouted.

I recently bought a monoprice tablet to begin making digital art, and I've been searching the Internet and there aren't many sources for finding out whether an art application is compatible with monoprice tablets or not, and I was wondering if you could recommend any that are compatible? I don't know if this counts as a technical issue or if you can't answer this, sorry for any inconvenience.

Hello there, anon! Your ask actually motivated me to write up a post I’ve been meaning to for a while – so this is no inconvenience at all!

Without further ado, here are my recommendations for Monoprice-compatible art software:


[Adobe Photoshop CS2] – yes, really! Adobe took down their CS2 activation server, so for all intents and purposes, it’s free. Since this version of Photoshop is several iterations behind (and about ten years old), Adobe’s lawyers won’t be knocking on your door. Available for Windows and MacOSX.

[Krita] – open-source painting software that shows a lot of promise. Its interface resembles Photoshop’s, while its painting capabilities are reminiscent of Paint Tool SAI and Corel Painter. Available for Windows, MacOSX and Linux.

[MediBang Paint] – FireAlpaca’s successor, from what I can see – MBP was formerly called CloudAlpaca. Has comic/manga-making tools built in, somewhat like Manga Studio. Available for Windows, MacOSX, iOS, and Android.

not freeware*

[Adobe Photoshop] – any version from CS1 to CC. Hella pricey, hella powerful.

[Manga Studio // Clip Studio Paint] – most versions, as far as I know. About 50 bucks, but regularly goes on sale on Amazon.

*These are available via, uhh… alternative methods as well, but I’m here to help folks get their tablets working, not to give instructions on software piracy. Still, there are no moral judgments here.

蛋蛋28苹果手机版下载Conversely, there are a couple programs I do NOT recommend at all with Monoprice tablets:

[Paint Tool Sai] – My feelings about this program can be summed up thusly: Eeeeeeuueueueughh. (✿ ಠ_ಠ)

If I had a dollar for every person who’s come to me asking for help with this program, I might have enough money to pay the developer enough to make it work properly. It’s a capricious little beast, to be sure. I know people make killer art with this program, but it’s such a pain in the ass to get it to work with Monoprices; for some people, it will never蛋蛋28苹果手机版下载 work, no matter how hard they bash it with a hammer.**

[GIMP] – Again, a capricious little beast. Works fine for some, and not for others. The developers seem burnt-out as well, so updates are slow.

** If you’re looking for line stabilization, I instead recommend [Lazy Nezumi] – it’s about ten bucks cheaper than SAI at current point of writing, compatible across multiple drawing programs, and under far more active development.

I hope this helps!!



If you had a problem with Windows 10 and your drivers and figured out a fix, please let me know! I can add that to my FAQ! (With credit, of course!)

蛋蛋28苹果手机版下载This is a FAQ for Alternative to Wacom Tablets (or Alt-Tablets) Driver problems.  Only use this FAQ if you’re experiencing problems with your tablet!

While many of these tips should work for people regardless of the brand of tablet they use, DO keep in mind I own a Yiynova Monitor Tablet. I’m also not familiar with codes or how drivers actually work, I gain information through personal experience and word-of-mouth only.



蛋蛋28苹果手机版下载Uninstalling Wacom drivers is not enough. Those suckers loiter around on an OS and won’t be gotten rid of through conventional means. After doing a traditional uninstall and restarting your computer, search your main drive (usually C: drive) for these files: wacom.dat, wintab.dll, wintab32.dll, tablet.cpl, TabletPC.cpl, tablet.exe, tablet.dat, WacomTablet.cpl, WacomTablet.znc,TabUserW.exe

If you find any of the above, delete them. Restart.


Sometimes people switch between alt-brands or get a new model. As with Wacom, make absolutely sure you’ve uninstalled all the bits of leftover driver. Do a traditional uninstall, restart. Then search for leftover bits. Places to search are This PC>Local Disk>Program Files (x86) and This PC>Local Disk>Windows>System32. There are probably other places too (such as the TEMP folder) but every driver is a little different. Restart.




蛋蛋28苹果手机版下载Unplug your tablet’s USB cord. If you UPGRADED, uninstall the current driver, and follow step 2, restart. Once this is done, go to Start Menu>Settings>Search “Device Manager”>Tablet pointing Devices>Tablet. Right click on TABLET and check UNINSTALL.

As long as your tablet is NOT plugged in, this should permanently remove Windows drivers or left overs from prior installation.


蛋蛋28苹果手机版下载It’s a bit surprising how often Firewalls and Anti-virus mistake these drivers for something naughty. Make Exceptions/Exclusions for your Drivers. (File locations for drivers can be found in Step 2.) Each brand of AV/F uses a different method for this, so I can’t really help you here. Search your brand of AV/F in Google with “[brand] how to make exceptions” and that should get you started. Restart your computer.


For instance, a Reddit User discovered the only way to get their tablet to work was by installing versions 5.02f. This is despite the fact that drivers 8.01 and 8.02 are newer and suppose to work with Windows 10. Sometimes you have to use an older driver to get things going, sometimes a newer one. To find your driver, do a Google search for “[brand of tablet] drivers”.


Turn off auto-start in the Dropbox’s settings, exit program, restart. See if your driver is there now. I was surprised to see that my Yiynova driver would only work with Dropbox off. I have no idea why this is!


蛋蛋28苹果手机版下载Most problems are driver related, and it’s mostly when the driver is being shut down by some other program. A really easy first step to figure out what’s going on is to righ-click on your taskbar and select TASK MANAGER>STARTUP and right click to disable all programs attempting to start up when you turn on your computer. Turn off everything that’s auto starting, except your Antivirus/Firewall and restart. See if that solves your problem. (If not, it might be AV/F in which case STEP 4 is your best bet.)


Sometimes it’s a specific program that’s not working with your tablet. The first thing to do is search the program for Tablet Settings. Most drawing programs have them. You need to look in there and see what’s selected, and then select something else. Because every program is different, I can’t give you specific. But mess around with the Tablet settings and see if that doesn’t help at all. )

If you’re unsure whether you’re experiencing a driver issue vs a program issue, download KRITA. KRITA is a free drawing program that works with just about every tablet out there. If it works with KRITA, but not the other program you’re using, you’ll know it’s program specific.

蛋蛋28苹果手机版下载 Sometimes the solution is just simply picking a different option.


Hi there, have you tried Lazy Nezumi Pro with the new monoprice screen-tablet? I'm the author and I would love to know if it works well with it or not! And thanks for sharing the link to Lazy Nezumi! :)






Hello there, kamihkamih!

I have tried the trial version of Lazy Nezumi Pro on my setup (12x9 Monoprice tablet, Windows 7 Professional 64-bit, Photoshop CS6) and it does indeed seem to work as advertised! I knew I had to try it myself before linking my followers to it. :)

I do not have one of the new Monoprice tablet monitors, but I can’t see any reason why it wouldn’t work with one of those as well. They’ve both got UC-Logic digitizers, so on a hardware level the experience should be similar.

Followers, tag-browsers, and others: Anyone out there with a new Monoprice tablet monitor who uses Lazy Nezumi Pro?

Hi and ,

蛋蛋28苹果手机版下载Just received the Monoprice 19” tablet monitor yesterday.  Just tried the trial version Lazy Nezumi Pro on it.  My Monoprice 19” pen or drivers has issues of it’s own (random pressure blotches, etc) so it’s not the most accurate test, but it seems to work fine with all the presets so far.  I’m not sure how lazy mouse is suppose to work but when I make “tighter” curves with it, it doesn’t seem to create the “shape” or “path” I took.  For example, if I make a big “s” with wide strokes it’s not perfect but seems to work fine. But if I make a more “curlier” stroke like an 8 it doesn’t work right…it only draws partially when I make another sharp turn. I tried going slow and even changing the settings but couldn’t do a figure eight. (It was like the lazy mouse trail was “straightening out” instead of following my curly curve.

Oh, while I’m here monopricemessiah….1) Would you know what would cause random blotches (the size of actual photoshop brush size) when drawing (with pressure sensitivity) with Monoprice/Huion tablets or is just my tablet monitor?  2) I also have a Huion H610 Pro which have 3 different issues on 3 different computers (work, home and laptop).  The most frustrating issue is that on my laptop, the pressure sensitivity doesn’t work in PS CS6 but it works in when I try to configure it in the tablet settings (from the tray icon).  And on the other computers it seems to un-recognize the pen every so often; moreso on my home desktop than my work computer.  I’m running Windows 7 (64bit) on all machines. Uninstalled any tablet drivers(wacom) and disabled tablet pc services before installing Huion drivers and plugging it in. Any thoughts? Thanks.

Hi there! My apologies for not seeing this yesterday! Thank you for your LazyNezumi info, and regarding your inquiries:

1) If it wasn’t happening with your tablets before the monitor was installed, but is happening now, while drawing on said monitor, then I’d assume something is up with said monitor. I don’t have blobs of doom, myself, just the very occasional max-diameter straight-line stroke — and I think that happens more frequently with slower/more resource-taxed computers in general, as a sort of lag hiccup. I’m not too sure, frankly! ^^;  Do you have an alternate stylus you can test with? (IIRC, the Huion stylus doesn’t work on the tablet monitor, but I can’t verify that myself.)

2) Do you have Tablet PC services disabled on your laptop? CS6 really should be plug-and-play, so I’m not sure what could be causing that, other than a possible bad driver installation or conflicting pointing drivers (eg Logitech mice, video game controllers). Does it work on any other art programs on said machine?

As for the other two computers, what do you mean by un-recognizing the pen? Do you mean the tablet light starts flashing (usually fixed by a driver reinstall), or does the light stay off but not light up when the pen makes contact?

蛋蛋28苹果手机版下载TNo problem. Thank you for replying. Yes, I actually uninstalled tablet pc with the add/remove Windows programs, disabled in it in Windoes services, etc. I don’t see it in the systray so I’m pretty sure it’s not running. Maybe I’ll try a reinstall off drivers. As for all my computers, I use Razer mouse and disabled their irritating synapse app. But I’m not using any other third party mouse driver other than the one that came with my Razer.

What I meant by un-recognize is that the pen seems to disconnect off and on. I wasn’t aware of the blinking led lights when it did “disconnect” but it was weird that it would work on and off. I also messaged Huion with the H610 pro and they asked if anything was loose with usb/port. Nothing is loose…just pressure sensitivity works on two of my computers but not the other…well except for actually working in the huion configuration tool. And they all have the same setup (OS, drivers, etc). I’ll try a reinstall of the huion drivers and see what hap.

My wacom Intuos work 100% fine. I haven’t tried any other program other than Photoshop…and regular desktop movement. But it’s weird that pressure sensitivity works in the huion configuration tool but not in Photoshop.

With the monoprice tablet monitor, I actually did try to see if the other huion stylus would work but it didn’t really pick it up. I realized later that frenden did mention that that monoprice stylus, which also uses similar tech of the huion p80, is actually a different stylus. Well, in my case, I couldn’t get the huion stylus to work on the monoprice tablet monitor.

Okay! It could be that Wacom and Huion drivers are interfering with each other on your laptop, and therefore taking Photoshop pressure sensitivity down with it. But I don’t really know for sure, without seeing your setup.

蛋蛋28苹果手机版下载I hope you manage to get everything working. My apologies for not being able to be of more help. OTL

Reblogging back here from my main because once again, I am dumb. OTL

Review: Monoprice 19" Tablet Monitor - Wacom Take Heed


Wacom has long held the crown as the top maker of graphics tablet hardware, but they have not iterated upon the technology in meaningful ways. The products have remained staid and safe and prices are high as ever. Graphics tablets are a market ripe for disruption.

The Monoprice 19” Tablet Monitor is poised to blow that market open. The extremely aggressive $389 price point is paired with the best overall hardware quality of any Cintiq competitor I’ve reviewed to date.

Hardware, Software, and Performance

The Monoprice uses the same digitizer technology as the Huion H610 which I reviewed highly. It has a 19” 1440 x 900 resolution TFT LCD, a pen digitizer with 5080 lpi resolution and a 200 RPS report rate, a rechargeable, lightweight stylus with 2048 pressure levels, and both DVI and VGA inputs. The monitor’s build quality is better than its sub-$400 price tag would imply and the stylus feels as light in hand as a comparable Wacom stylus despite its internal battery.

The unit is small, sleek, and streamlined in appearance. The glass is flushmounted to the plastic bezel and the display has a glossy finish. The included, VESA mount compatible stand allows for tilting the display forward and backward from nearly flat to almost vertical viewing angles.

The included VESA-mounted, adjustable stand.

The stylus responds quickly with little perceivable cursor lag in either OS X or Windows. Pressure input felt a bit loose. The Monoprice stylus is a rebranded Huion P80 stylus. I’ve owned several of Huion’s rechargeable styli and the one bundled with the Monoprice was the loosest of the bunch. Ratcheting up the firmness in the driver’s options ameliorated much of that feeling, however.

蛋蛋28苹果手机版下载The drivers are a utilitarian affair with the requisite pressure curve and monitor mapping knobs and switches with one caveat. Multiple monitor support is currently absent in Windows. Multiple monitor setups work fine in OS X. Right and left click are the only assignable keys to map to the stylus side buttons in OS X, but middleclick is mappable in Windows. As there are no hotkeys on the monitor, you’ll be using a keyboard with your free hand anyhow, so I didn’t find the sparse options too limiting.

The utilitarian driver menus of the Monoprice 19” Tablet Monitor.

蛋蛋28苹果手机版下载When drawing slow and diagonal lines, a small amount of wobble and jitter seeps in. Comparable to the performance of Intuos 3 era tech, this is nothing that will keep you from making detailed art, but, if you’re the sort to labor over slow, less decisive marks, you will likely notice some shake. I was able to complete all of my client work on the Monoprice and often hopped back and forth between it and my Cintiq Companion with no discernible break in workflow. Cintiqs are smoother with a slightly laggy, buttery feel. The Monoprice has more snap and less lag, but the strokes are more raw because they have less line correction at the driver level. Drawing on the Monoprice feels a bit better than drawing on Yiynova’s MSP19U though they have nearly identical internal hardware.

The weakest aspect of the Monoprice is its TFT LCD panel. The LED backlighting is clear and bright, brighter than all but the most recent Cintiqs, but viewing angles are shallow and the unit is best used at either a down-on-your-lap or nearly vertical angle. The more parallel you can keep the screen and your face, the more accurate the screen is going to look. I recommend picking up a monitor arm if your budget allows. Being able to position the unit at an optimal angle is important enough to warrant one. Colors skewed towards the cool, but were easily combated with a quick trip to the on screen settings menu of the display. If this unit had an IPS panel, I’d have little to critique.

I mounted the Monoprice on a monitor arm to combat the lackluster viewing angles.


蛋蛋28苹果手机版下载For a price lower than a large Intuos tablet, let alone a Cintiq, and performance equal to the more expensive Yiynova MSP19U, it’s hard to go wrong with the Monoprice. Hell, you could disable its screen entirely and use it solely as a graphics tablet for another monitor and still come out ahead, dollar wise.

Would I recommend the Monoprice? Yes. In fact, of all the Wacom alternative hardware I’ve tested, it’s the easiest for me to give a thumbs up. There are caveats to the hardware, but the price is hard to argue against. The Monoprice is a worthy product that steals the crown away from the MSP19U as the best bang for your buck in graphics tablet monitor hardware, full stop.

蛋蛋28苹果手机版下载I can’t wait to see what happens next.

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Monoprice tablets are terrible. Don’t believe the hype around them, honestly. They’re so cheaply made it’s ridiculous - there’s a good chance you’ll end up breaking it while setting it up - and the drivers for them are so mediocre that mine never keeps working after a computer restart. I’ve never gotten pressure sensitivity to work on mine the way it should. Worse yet, I’m not the only person with these sorts of problems, either (refer to this page蛋蛋28苹果手机版下载). It annoys me, and I don’t even use mine more than twice a year. When you pay for Wacom tablets, you’re paying for a quality, durable product backed by a reputable brand; they aren’t “overpriced” in any sense of the word. Settle for cheap, obscure, imitation, rehashed tablets that have constantly fallen through cracks throughout the years and you’ll be getting exactly what you paid for.

蛋蛋28苹果手机版下载This just irks me to read.

蛋蛋28苹果手机版下载Wacom gets to charge so much because they think they have a monopoly on the graphics tablet market, and because of this, Wacom tends to be the first brand name people think of when people think of graphics tablets.

They’re not charging more for a “quality, durable product” - they’re charging more for a BRAND NAME. They’re trying to get you to buy into their image just as much as they’re trying to get you to buy their products. With little competition, they can charge as much as they please.

蛋蛋28苹果手机版下载Wacom is the Apple of the digital art world. Like Apple, they’ve found a market whose customers are willing to pay for the benefits of using their brand name, whether these benefits are real or perceived.

Paying $469 for a large Intuos Pro with active area of 12.8x8 inches (102 sq.in.) is goddamned ludicrous蛋蛋28苹果手机版下载 when you can get a Monoprice with active area of 12x9 inches (108 sq.in.) for Black Friday’s current price of about $77.

You could literally buy 6 (SIX) 12x9 Monoprices for that price and still have money left.

If you REALLY want a Wacom, get it second-hand. My local pawn shop sells them; eBay and Amazon have them. There’s literally no excuse for paying so much.

Which brings me to my next point - some people are in no position to pay so much for a tablet. Some people are hobbyists who have no need for a shiny Wacom; others need them for college classes; still others are digital artists just starting out. Unless the college professor is a brand-snob and demands the tablet must be Wacom (in which case, the above outlets are available), there is no need to spend so much on your first tablet.

蛋蛋28苹果手机版下载Better to have an el-cheapo Monoprice tablet collecting dust than a Wacom.

蛋蛋28苹果手机版下载I am sorry to hear you’ve had problems with your particular Monoprice. I agree that the drivers leave something to be desired. UC-Logic (the company that makes Monoprice tablets - Monoprice is merely a reseller of Chinese electronic goods) is not as widely-recognized as Wacom is. There are, indeed, problems with these tablets. I cannot deny that.

But to me, you seem to be insinuating that Wacom is infallible and perfect, and they’re simply not. They too have problems with their drivers, and with build quality, and tech support in general. This is a potential problem with basically any electronic you buy - it is not a fault with Monoprice itself.

This blog here exists to try and help people fix problems they have with their Monoprice tablets. I myself have been using a 12x9 for a year and a half now with no problems I could not fix. I have gotten exactly what I paid for in June 2012 - an inexpensive, durable workhorse of a tablet that I would not trade for any Wacom in the world.

So, kirbeh蛋蛋28苹果手机版下载, please do not tag your hate, because I will not stand for it.

Yet another classic case of some one-off post I wrote and expected nobody to pay attention to, like all of the other stupid posts I make, but I guess some people did. Well, then.

My remarks about Wacom were solely based off of my own experiences using Wacom tablets myself. I am no no way trying to speak for everybody, but my Wacom tablet just worked. It did exactly what I wanted it to do, right off the bat. And in the case that it didn’t, I felt like I wouldn’t have as much problems getting help, seeing as Wacom is such a well known brand and so many people have used it - it’s inevitable that any issues I could have had with the Wacom were ones that people have ran into before, and rectified.

蛋蛋28苹果手机版下载Now, I stopped using my Wacom tablet because it didn’t have a big enough active area to my liking and my pen nib for it ran dull, and I lost the extras. It was an older generation tablet, so i didn’t want to go through the trouble of trying to find replacement nibs for the thing online. I heard good things about Monoprice from my friends, as well as people online, and it was a hell of a lot cheaper, so I gave it a shot.

蛋蛋28苹果手机版下载Ever since then, I’ve had nothing but problems with the thing, even after dozens upon dozens of driver reinstallations and replugs. I just can’t get it to work with the programs I want to use and the things I want to do with it. Finding support for the thing has been a pain, with much of the solutions offered being “use a different program,” “use a different computer,” “reinstall Windows” — things that I felt weren’t worth going through the trouble of doing.

蛋蛋28苹果手机版下载And at the end of all that, I wouldn’t have minded paying for another Wacom - despite the hefty prices - than to have to go through all these problems. Yes, Monoprice tablets may be dirt cheap, but in my experience, they’re not worth it. Yes, I’d be willing to acknowledge that Wacom tablets have their fair share of flaws, as well, but I’m more comfortable with the prospect of using them simply because they are so widely used and depended on.

蛋蛋28苹果手机版下载Also, it should go without saying that what my original post was simply my own opinions based on my own experiences. There’s absolutely no need for me to keep a negative experience I had with a product out of a tag. It’s not like I’m personally insulting anybody who happens to be happy with their Monoprice tablets. I’ve seen your blog before and I think that it’s absolutely wonderful that you’re taking time out of your hands to help others that are having issues with their tablets, but my problems and my opinions still stand. If they work for you, that’s great, but for me, they don’t. That’s all I’m saying.

蛋蛋28苹果手机版下载Tags are publicly available to anyone, regardless of whether or not they have nice things to say or not.

Nowhere in your original post did you explicitly state that what you said was just an opinion. Let me quote: You said “Monoprice tablets are terrible.” as if it was an objective fact, not “I think Monoprice tablets are terrible.” or “It is my opinion that Monoprice tablets are terrible.” or something of the like.

Your original post would have come off much clearer and not full of baseless vitriolic ranting had you explained your experience - your reasoning WHY you’re not a fan of Monoprice tablets. Starting your post with “Monoprice tablets are terrible.” is not going to cut it.

That aside, it’s great that you got a tablet that works for you! But posting vitriol in a public tag and then not expecting anyone to see your post or react to it? That’s just dumb, frankly. If you don’t want people to see those posts, then don’t tag them.

Positive and negative experiences alike can and do belong in a product tag – but just ranting about said product does not. “Monoprice tablets are terrible” does not tell a potential buyer anything about the product, or why it might be terrible. Had you explained your issues with the tablet, your original post would have been a lot more useful.

Tags are indeed publicly available. Don’t think that you won’t get attention when you post hate in one.

Let me end with this:蛋蛋28苹果手机版下载 I don’t think any less of you for being frustrated with your experience with Monoprice tech, or posting about it. Wacom and Monoprice tablets both do what they need to do, and people are happy with both brands. I respect your opinion.

Part of this is my fault - I’ve been seeing quite a few anti-Monoprice posts in the tag lately (from people who most likely never even read the tag) and I snapped a little bit. I’m sorry about that.

蛋蛋28苹果手机版下载I wish you all the best in your future arting endeavors, and if you ever decide to give your Monoprice another try, I’ll be here to help. Happy holidays. :)

My Huion pen’s arrived!

Hello, followers and tag-browsers! Morg here with some good news: My replacement pen from Huion arrived today! Hang on to your hats: Here come some PHOTOS.

Keep reading

Huion H610, K58, and W58 Tablet Review Round-up


With the H610, K58, and W58, Huion’s industrial design leapfrogs Monoprice’s tablets and begs for comparison to Wacom’s offerings. While the Monoprice tablets I reviewed previously were the best bang for your drawing buck at the time, these new Huion tablets offer a significant bump in specifications and fit and finish without a huge leap in price.

Huion’s line of tablets use the same UC-Logic pen digitizer technology as Monoprice’s tablets. Monoprice’s hotkeys felt flimsy and the stylus was serviceable and utilitarian. No one would call the Monoprice tablets things of beauty, but it was easy to overlook these shortcomings given their price. At around ten percent of the cost of comparable Wacom tablets, with equal or better performance in many regards, the Monoprice line of tablets was my punk-rock drawing tool of choice when not using tablet monitors on my desktops.

Perfect for throwing into a laptop bag, and cheap enough to not have to worry about destroying during travel, the Monoprice filled a niche. Since that initial purchase, I’ve acquired more than two dozen additional UC-Logic based tablets and monitors for testing and possible review.

Aside from Yiynova’s U-designated line of graphics tablet monitors, few of those purchases have been noteworthy enough to warrant additional spotlight. I’m pleased to say that the Huion tablets reviewed here replaced my Monoprice tablets as my go-to, portable drawing solutions. You’d still have to pry my Note II or Yiynova MSP19U from my cold, dead hands, but, in the graphics tablet space, Huion’s tablet line won me over.

Hardware Specifications

The H610, K58, and W58 all have a digitizer with 2048 levels of pressure, 5080 LPI, and a report rate of 233 reports per second. All tablets have detachable mini-USB cable connections and come with battery operated styli.

蛋蛋28苹果手机版下载The H610 includes eight user-programmable hotkeys and has a 10” x 6” active working area.

蛋蛋28苹果手机版下载The K58 and W58 have a smaller, hotkey-less active area of 8” x 5.” In the case of the W58, an internal Li-Ion battery claims 30 hours of use before needing to be charged via it’s included mini-USB cable. The W58 can be used as a wired tablet while charging via your systems USB port.

The P80 is a rechargeable stylus with an internal Li-Ion battery that comes bundled with the K58. It claims 800 hours of continuous use before needing a recharge. In practice, I found the stylus held a charge for a few days at a time. Recharging is done via a USB cable that has a proprietary connector on one end that plugs into the stylus.

The P80 can be used with the other Huion tablets, but must be purchased separately.

Installation and Setup for the H610 and K58

Like all the other UC-Logic hardware I’ve tested, the biggest obstacle is neither price nor drawing capability, but initial setup. Make sure to download Huion’s customized UC-Logic driver directly from their site. Install it before plugging your tablet in for the first time.

In OS X, the tablet can behave strangely if you have third party mouse-steering apps installed. Logitech drivers and USB Overdrive are repeat offenders. An engineer at Adobe contacted me when his UC-Logic tablet’s cursor stuck to the top left corner of his screen and, after a few days of painstaking processes of elimination, we determined that his third party mouse app had stymied the tablet.

蛋蛋28苹果手机版下载In Windows, be sure to install the drivers before plugging the tablet in. Windows has insidious default tablet drivers it will install otherwise. They don’t work well and you’ll swear there’s something wrong with your hardware. There isn’t. Deleting your HID stack in Device Manager is the only help here and even it may not work. You may have to reinstall a fresh copy of the OS. Additionally, in Windows 7 at least, disable Tablet PC services from the services menu. Uninstall Tablet PC components. Uncheck “Support Tablet PC Features” from the tablet driver icon in the system tray. Minimally, disable Pen Flicks. All of these things impact drawing performance. I haven’t tested any of these devices on Windows 8 as yet.

One side effect of doing these reviews is that I’ve become defacto technical support on a whole host of common problems associated with nearly all graphics tablets. I can’t help everyone, but I do try. Please take my advice. Install the drivers before plugging the tablet in. Don’t use third party mouse mods. Graphics tablets everywhere will thank you. And so will I.

Installation and Setup of the W58

蛋蛋28苹果手机版下载The wireless capability of the W58 is unique. The tablet works in both wired and wireless modes, but the initial setup is the same as its corded brethren. Aside from being finicky about software-before-hardware installation order, I encountered no installation issues in Windows.

蛋蛋28苹果手机版下载In OS X, I was completely unable to get the W58 to work. When drawing a stroke, the beginning and ends would blob out to full pressure regardless of how light I pressed. While in wireless mode, attempting to open the PenTablet driver app in Applications would result in system freezes and application crashes. I tested the W58 on three MacPro towers with OSes ranging from Snow Leopard to Mountain Lion, a 2012 MacBook Air, and a new Mac Mini with the same results.

蛋蛋28苹果手机版下载I wrote Huion asking for advice and they sent a second piece of hardware along. During testing, they said to try and use the tablet without any drivers installed. Despite this sounding entirely counterintuitive, I gave it a shot. No dice. The same problem occurred. Strokes blobbed out at their beginning and ends while appearing to respond accurately in the middle of their marks.

As it stands, I cannot recommend the W58 for OS X users. It’s a shame. The hardware was small and light enough that tossing it into my laptop bag as my default, laptop-centric graphics tablet solution would’ve been a no-brainer otherwise.

Performance in Graphics Applications

The H610 and W58 performed well in both Windows and OS X. Slow, deliberate strokes showed some jitter and diagonal lines drawn at near 45 degrees seem to exacerbate the issue. This is a behavior common to all the UC-Logic hardware I’ve tested.

蛋蛋28苹果手机版下载Post OS X Mountain Lion 10.8.3, some Mac users reported jitter issues with UC-Logic hardware. I found that installing Smooth Mouse to disable the cursor acceleration and alleviate the lag present in how the operating system handles mouse movement seemed to help. I personally haven’t had issues with jitter as I tend to draw fast and loose with long, sweeping strokes. I seldom hover slowly and deliberately while mark-making a single line. If you are a hesitant line-maker, bear this possible caveat in mind.

蛋蛋28苹果手机版下载The bundled, AAA-powered stylus is a bit stiff out of the box. I’ve owned over seven of these Huion styli and a stiff pressure curve has been consistent among them all. The harder pressure curve is a welcome change from the mushy, easy-to-blow-out pressure curve of Wacom hardware, though is a smidge stiffer than I would like.

The Li-Ion, rechargeable, aftermarket P80 stylus has a pressure curve unique to any other UC-Logic styli I’ve tested. It feels in-hand like a Wacom stylus and has a pressure curve to match. Light strokes blow-out to full pressure without much effort. If their goal was to replicate a Wacom feel, warts and all, they’ve done it. The light pressure being so touchy is not a preference of mine and I didn’t use the rechargeable stylus much as a result. I’ve owned three of these rechargeable styli and all exhibited this behavior.

蛋蛋28苹果手机版下载For the W58, performance in Windows was good. An occasional jitter or wonky mouse movement occurred with long use. I suspect those rare hiccups had to do with the 2.4ghz, wireless nature of the device. I enjoyed being less tethered to my workstation. I’m a big fan of workspace minimalism and the W58 appeals to the lizard cortex of my brain. If I’d managed to get the W58 working in OS X, I’d have been ecstatic.

Closing Thoughts

The H610 has lived in my laptop bag for six months. Its hotkeys feel firmer than the Monoprice 10” x6.25.” It boasts 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity. The report rate of the digitizer is higher. The LPI is better. It has a detachable mini-USB cable. The industrial design of the stylus and tablet surface is akin to the Wacom tablets I cut my teeth on. The overall fit and finish feels high-end and not at all indicative of the sub-$60 price tag.

蛋蛋28苹果手机版下载In all measures save for price, the Huion H610 and K58 could be placed on a shelf next to Wacom tablets and the average on-looker would guess they were equals. If you’re in the market for a budget Wacom-alternative, the Huion H610 is now the one I’d recommend.

My contacts at Huion tell me they’re working on a new tablet monitor and, after spending half a year using their products daily, I’m very excited to see what they do next.

As per usual, shopping on Amazon using my referral link helps support my efforts to review digital art hardware.

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