deviantART, Google, etc’s TOS


Everyone is panicking over TOS-es right now as they find a new home as Tumblr gets flushed down the toilet. I don’t like those random TOS breakdowns because the analysis is always wrong. 

Anyway this is what people pay me to do and I will now do it for $0 because I’m tired of everyone spreading misinformation. This post is not a substitute for legal advice etc. Reblogs are appreciated because I literally see TOS nonsense on my dash every day. 

Any more experienced copyright lawyers please feel free to weigh in - it’s part of my field yes, but my wheelhouse is more film production COT rather than derivative works.

Google Drive (TOS)

  • Google doesn’t have rights to do whatever they want to files you upload to Google Drive
  • Their TOSes are annoyingly broad in drafting but essentially boilerplate clauses that they need to host your work, use google translate on it, make it searchable etc. They cannot steal your fanfic. They cannot modify your art and use it for whatever.
  • Your work MAY be threatened (that is, deleted) thanks to FOSTA/SESTA, which imo is a clown provision signed by a clown that sent safe harbour down the toilet. This and this has more information (I’ve skimmed but not perused both), but the tl;dr is: similar to Tumblr, there was a ham-fisted attempt to protect victims of sex trafficking and all it really did was make cloud based services start deleting user files whether relevant or not. 

deviantART (Submission Policy) (TOS)


  • Yum. I like this one. Easy to read and clearly explained for most people with basic reading comprehension. Section G - What We Do With Content will tell you everything you need to know.
  • Basically, they have the same clauses about you granting AO3 a license to modify/etc your work, but they take the trouble to explain to you exactly what that means, and how they use it to improve accessibility etc. 
  • No history of content purges as far as I know. Explicit content is allowed with limits eg. no child porn. 

Wordpress (TOS)

  • Same deal - you’re looking for 1. Wordpress - Responsibility of Contributors, with the exact same thing as everybody else. They also do a decent job of explaining what they use the license for (though once again, it’s standard), albeit not as beautifully as AO3. 
  • However, images of sexual acts (including fanart) are against TOS.
  • I found no history of content purges.

Dreamwidth (TOS)

  • Same old standard licensing clause, again doesn’t let them steal your stuff.
  • Incredibly…open content policies…you can basically do whatever you want so long as you don’t break laws or commit fraud it seems? If I’m wrong, feel free to correct.

Hope this helps. Feel free to force me to read and explain any other site TOS documents. Again, more experienced copyright lawyers, feel free to correct me if I clowned up somewhere.

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蛋蛋28苹果手机版下载u ever think about how these huge restrictions on tumblr and facebook n shit are primarily centered around ads, and like, in essence, we have become a product that these social media sites sell to their advertisers? its like, that facebook policy update is like “you better not even INSINUATE you have tits, you sick fuck”. shit even saidd you weren’t allowed to specify sexual attraction.

蛋蛋28苹果手机版下载we’re too rowdy for like, lays potato chips or whatever. gays are TOO rowdy to be nestle customers, so are any sort of women that feel at peace or liberated enough w/their bodies to talk about them, the little debbie cakes foul in my gross tranny presence, right? 

facebook, tumblr, all shit like that, they’re Quality-Assuring their product, which is us, pal. They’re weeding out anyone that isn’t a homogenized boring shit that is cleared to ship to the corporate customer.

i feel like a cracked fuckin’ egg

with like a baby duck in it that hates the concept of money

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Article: http://motherboard.vice.com/en_us/article/a3mjxg/apple-tumblr-porn-nsfw-adult-content-banned
Basically, because I...

PSA: Stuff You Maybe Didn’t Realize You Can Back Up To AO3, And How To Tag it



Tumblr seems to be in potential death throes or at least, incredibly volatile and unreliable lately, but we’ve done some pretty good and informative work on canon analysis and reference guides so I was looking for ways to back it up without losing it…and the solution became obvious to me:

Archive of Our Own, aka AO3. 

“What?” you might ask if you are less familiar with their TOS. “Isn’t that just a fanfic archive??”

No! It’s a fanWORK archive. It is an archive for fanworks in general! “Fanwork” is a broad term that encompasses a lot of things, but it doesn’t just include fanfic and fanart, vids etc; it also includes “fannish” essays and articles that fall under what’s often called “meta” (from the word for “beyond” or “above”, referencing that it goes beyond the original exact text)! The defining factor of whether Archive of Our Own is the appropriate place to post it is not whether or not it’s a fictional expansion of canon (fanfic), though that is definitely included - no, it’s literally just “is this a work by a ‘fan’ intended for other ‘fannish’ folks/of ‘fannish’ interest?” 

The articles we’ve written as a handy reference to the period-appropriate Japanese clothing worn by Inuyasha characters?  The analyses of characters? The delineations of concrete canon (the original work) vs common “fanon” (common misconceptions within the fandom)? Even the discussion of broader cultural, historical, and geographic context that applies to the series and many potential fanworks? 

All of those are fannish nonfiction!

Which means they absolutely can (and will) have a home on AO3, and I encourage anybody who is wanting to back up similar works of “fannish interest” - ranging from research they’ve done for a fic, to character analyses and headcanons - to use AO3 for it, because it’s a stable, smooth-running platform that is ad-free and unlike tumblr, is run by a nonprofit (The OTW) that itself is run by and for the benefit of, fellow fans. 

Of course, that begs the question of how to tag your work if you do cross-post it, eh? So on that note, here’s a quick run-down of tags we’re finding useful and applicable, which I’ve figured out through a combination of trial and error and actually asking a tag wrangler (shoutout to for their invaluable help!):

First, the Very Broad:

“ Nonfiction ”. This helps separate it from fanfic on the archive, so people who aren’t looking for anything but fanfic are less likely to have to skim past it, whereas people looking for exactly that content are more likely to find it.

- while “Meta” and “Essay” and even “Information” are all sometimes used for the kinds of nonfiction and analytical works we post, I’ve been told “ Meta Essay ” is the advisable specific tag for such works. This would apply to character analyses, reference guides to canon, and even reference guides to real-world things that are reflected in the canon (such as our articles on Japanese clothing as worn by the characters).  The other three tags are usable, and I’ve been using them as well to cover my bases, but they’ll also tend to bring up content such as “essay format” fanfic or fanfic with titles with those words in them - something that does not happen with “Meta Essay”.

- I’ve also found by poking around in suggested tags, that “ Fanwork Research & Reference Guides ” is consistently used (even by casual users) for: nonfiction fannish works relating to analyses of canon materials; analyses of and meta on fandom-specific or fanwork-specific tropes; information on or guides to writing real-world stuff that applies to or is reflected in specific fandoms’ media (e.g. articles on period-appropriate culture-specific costuming and how to describe it); and expanded background materials for specific fans’ fanworks (such as how a given AU’s worldbuilding is supposed to be set up) that didn’t fit within the narrative proper and is separated out as a reference for interested readers.

Basically, if it’s an original fan-made reference for something specific to one or more fanworks, or a research aid for writing certain things applicable to fanworks or fannish interests in general, then it can fall under that latter tag. 

- You should also mark it with any appropriate fandom(s) in the “Fandom” field. Just like you would for a fanfic, because of course, the work is specifically relevant to fans of X canon, right?

If it discusses sensitive topics, or particular characters, etc., you should probably tag for those. E.g. “death” or “mental illness”, “Kagome Higurashi”, etc. 

Additionally, if you are backing it up from a Tumblr you may wish to add:

- “ Archived From Tumblr “ and/or “ Cross-Posted From Tumblr ” to reference the original place of publication, for works originally posted to tumblr. (I advise this if only because someday, there might not be “tumblr” as we know it, and someone might be specifically looking for content that was originally on it, you never know)

- “ Archived From [blog name] Blog ”; this marks it as an archived work from a specific blog. And yes, I recommend adding the word “blog” in there for clarity- Wrangletangle was actually delighted that I bothered to tag our first archived work with “Archived From Inu-Fiction Blog” because being EXTREMLY specific about things like that is super helpful to the tag wranglers on AO3, who have to decide how to categorize/”syn” (synonym) various new tags from alphabetized lists without context of the original posting right in front of them.  In other words, including the name AND the word “blog” in it, helps them categorize the tag on the back end without having to spend extra time googling what the heck “[Insert Name Here]” was originally

Overall, you should be as specific and clear as possible, but those tags/tag formats should prove useful in tagging it correctly should you choose to put fannish essays and articles up on AO3 :)

Oh, and protip sidebar for those posting, especially works that are more than plain text: you can make archiving things quicker and easier for yourself, but remember to plan ahead for tumblr’s potential demise/disabling/service interruptions.

The good news: You can literally copy and paste the ENTIRE text of a tumblr post from say, an “edit” window, on tumblr, straight into AO3′s Rich Text Format editor, and it will preserve pretty much all or almost all of the formatting - such as bold, italics, embedded links, etc!

But the bad news: keep in mind that while AO3 allows for embedded images and it WILL transfer those embedded images with a quick copy-paste like that, AO3 itself doesn’t host the images for embedding; those are still external images. This means that whether or not they continue to load/display for users, depends entirely on whether the file is still on the original external server! As I quickly discovered, in the case of posts copied from the Edit window of a tumblr post, the images will still point to the copies of the images ON tumblr’s servers.

What this means is that you should back up (save copies elsewhere of) any embedded images that you consider vital to such posts, in case you need to upload them elsewhere and fiddle with where the external image is being pulled from, later. 

Personally, I’m doing that AND adding image descriptions underneath them, just to be on the safe side (and in fairness, this makes it more accessible to people who cannot view the images anyway, such as sight-impaired people who use screen readers or people who have images set to not automatically display on their browser, so it’s win-win)

蛋蛋28苹果手机版下载This has been in our queue since before ~Tumblr’s big reveal~ but post-reveal….! Please share widely. Those not-quite-fic headcanon posts, drabbles, ficlets from prompts, meta of all shapes and sizes: the AO3 is not just for traditional short and long fiction. And, of course, visual art of all kinds! 

When Tumblr bans porn, who loses?





A former staff engineer, who recently left Tumblr and asked to remain anonymous for professional reasons, tells Vox that the NSFW ban was “in the works for about six months as an official project,” adding that it was given additional resources and named “Project X” in September, shortly before it was announced to the rest of the company at an all-hands meeting. “[The NSFW ban] was going to happen anyway,” the former engineer told me. “Verizon pushed it out the door after the child pornography thing and made the deadline sooner,” but the real problem was always that Verizon couldn’t sell ads next to porn.

Porn on Tumblr is something Verizon needs to wipe out if it’s going to make any money off what it thinks is actually valuable about the platform — enormous fandom and social justice communities that, just before the Verizon acquisition, Khalaf was insisting the staff figure out how to better monetize.

On that note-

Two former Tumblr employees said they were alarmed when Khalaf chose Black Lives Matter as an example of a community that the company should focus on converting into Yahoo media consumers. One told The Verge, “Simon explicitly said that Black Lives Matter was an opportunity to [make] a ton of money.”

Capitalism is disgusting and ruins everything.

蛋蛋28苹果手机版下载cool! unsurprising!

Please read this whole article. If you’re still clinging to the vague hope that it’ll all settle down and it’s gonna be business as usual, it isn’t. It can’t.

Export your blog



if you run a NSFW blog or post NSFW content, here’s how to export your blog 

蛋蛋28苹果手机版下载Just a note on this - IT DOESN’T ALWAYS WORK. I lost the entire content of my old blog (thecheshirecass) and my writing blog because the whopping 65gig file was corrupted.

The larger the file (and a lot of blogs are HUGE) the greater the chance for corruption. Some important info/advice from Twitter:


蛋蛋28苹果手机版下载IF you can get the backup function to actually work (and keep in mind it took literal DAYS for the file to be created) be sure to check everything to make sure it works. I know there are other programs/sites that will do this as well, but I have no insight on how they work. I’m also not sure how it works on Apple systems so YMMV.

could you please share this since your following is so much bigger than mine? I’m hoping it can help some folks from suffering through major disappointment.


蛋蛋28苹果手机版下载As we are moving towards a period of more decentralized fandom, if you want to support the artists who are going to be hard-hit by this loss of platform/audience, here’s what you can do to help to help the art-side of fandom stay motivated enough to produce content:

  • credit artists
  • link to their current media/platforms to the best of your ability
  • with artist’s permission, share their credited work on whatever fandom platforms you end up moving to if it’s not a site that they have migrated to
  • help others keep track of where their favorite artists are now
  • if you’re using discord to look at art, remember to check out the actual link and maybe give feedback there, because telling your friend that you like the art they linked does nothing for keeping the artist arting

Erotic text is still currently allowed under tumblr’s new policy, but it might not be later, so keep these things in mind for fic authors too. 

蛋蛋28苹果手机版下载And just in general, it’s not just content creators that need support and security. Look around at the friends you’ve made here. Think about how you’ll keep in touch with them. Think about how you might reminisce and be sad if the “next tumblr” comes along and they felt too lost to have stayed in fandom long enough to meet you there. Be kind; show love. Everyone’s a little scared and sad now - creators, rebloggers, and lurkers. We’re all looking forward at December 17th with uncertainty and indecision, and that’s okay. 

We’re not scared because we loved the blue background or the activity page design, we’re scared because of the people, friends, heroes, admirers, peers, validation, love, and happiness that we feel slipping away. And so long as we hold onto the bonds that matter most to us, this will all pass a lot less painfully than we fear. 

If you’ve been meaning to get in touch with someone, but have been putting it off or feeling shy, now’s probably the time. If you wanted to make friends, note down someone’s accounts, form a discord or mailing-list with your buddies, now’s the time.

“Fandom’s not a place, it’s a people.”  —Thor, probably.

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蛋蛋28苹果手机版下载Yknow, part of me want to be upset, or properly angry, but a larger part of me finds it, in a way, amusing to just watch the chaos unfold.

蛋蛋28苹果手机版下载Those are some excellent tags there phanter

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Honestly, I don’t even post, consume or reblog all that much adult content on here.

蛋蛋28苹果手机版下载But the way has handled this makes me absolutely furious. It’s about so much more than wanting erotica on my dash.

蛋蛋28苹果手机版下载Tumblr has always been a community that is very female.dominated, with lots of content-creators, fans, sjws and just women talking to other women about the things women want to talk about. Sometimes, these things are sexual in nature.

And on just about every other site, that’s an impossible thing to do, because on the one end of the scale, anything to do with sex, especially female sexuality, is shamed or prohibited (this is where tumblr’s headed! Yay, purity culture!) or on the other hand, dominated by male gaze and predatory behaviour.

For Staff to pretty much shrug and say “you want sex, go someplace else” means to ignore the user base that built this website, that found a secure community here, that dared explore their identities in a relatively safe space.

The pornbot plague is an intrusion of those “other places” into our space, and instead of dealing with it, Staff decided to punish those who have been here all along. Like shooting a patient because they contracted the measles instead of nuking the infection.

Nipples are nipples, tumblr. There is nothing inherently sexual about some and not others, depending on the shape of the body they’re attached to. We’ve had this discourse for years. Adding the word “presenting” doesn’t tidy that over.

It was actual real child pornography with real victims蛋蛋28苹果手机版下载 that got you in trouble, tumblr, not nsfw-fanart of consensual adults getting it on.

This is betrayal of the users that have been here all along, it sucks, and I hope the backlash gets bad enough it forces Staff to reconsider. Until then - enjoy the Exodus and meme the hell out of it as you go, dear mutuals - hope to see you out there!


It’s perfectly fine to reblog it, please do! And feel free to add your own thoughts and comments as well - this is an important angle to the discussion, and it should be heard, loud and clear!