As we are moving towards a period of more decentralized fandom, if you want to support the artists who are going to be hard-hit by this loss of platform/audience, here’s what you can do to help to help the art-side of fandom stay motivated enough to produce content:

  • credit artists
  • link to their current media/platforms to the best of your ability
  • with artist’s permission, share their credited work on whatever fandom platforms you end up moving to if it’s not a site that they have migrated to
  • help others keep track of where their favorite artists are now
  • if you’re using discord to look at art, remember to check out the actual link and maybe give feedback there, because telling your friend that you like the art they linked does nothing for keeping the artist arting

Erotic text is still currently allowed under tumblr’s new policy, but it might not be later, so keep these things in mind for fic authors too. 

蛋蛋28苹果手机版下载And just in general, it’s not just content creators that need support and security. Look around at the friends you’ve made here. Think about how you’ll keep in touch with them. Think about how you might reminisce and be sad if the “next tumblr” comes along and they felt too lost to have stayed in fandom long enough to meet you there. Be kind; show love. Everyone’s a little scared and sad now - creators, rebloggers, and lurkers. We’re all looking forward at December 17th with uncertainty and indecision, and that’s okay. 

蛋蛋28苹果手机版下载We’re not scared because we loved the blue background or the activity page design, we’re scared because of the people, friends, heroes, admirers, peers, validation, love, and happiness that we feel slipping away. And so long as we hold onto the bonds that matter most to us, this will all pass a lot less painfully than we fear. 

蛋蛋28苹果手机版下载If you’ve been meaning to get in touch with someone, but have been putting it off or feeling shy, now’s probably the time. If you wanted to make friends, note down someone’s accounts, form a discord or mailing-list with your buddies, now’s the time.

“Fandom’s not a place, it’s a people.”  —Thor, probably.

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蛋蛋28苹果手机版下载Yknow, part of me want to be upset, or properly angry, but a larger part of me finds it, in a way, amusing to just watch the chaos unfold.

Those are some excellent tags there phanter

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Honestly, I don’t even post, consume or reblog all that much adult content on here.

But the way has handled this makes me absolutely furious. It’s about so much more than wanting erotica on my dash.

蛋蛋28苹果手机版下载Tumblr has always been a community that is very female.dominated, with lots of content-creators, fans, sjws and just women talking to other women about the things women want to talk about. Sometimes, these things are sexual in nature.

And on just about every other site, that’s an impossible thing to do, because on the one end of the scale, anything to do with sex, especially female sexuality, is shamed or prohibited (this is where tumblr’s headed! Yay, purity culture!) or on the other hand, dominated by male gaze and predatory behaviour.

蛋蛋28苹果手机版下载For Staff to pretty much shrug and say “you want sex, go someplace else” means to ignore the user base that built this website, that found a secure community here, that dared explore their identities in a relatively safe space.

The pornbot plague is an intrusion of those “other places” into our space, and instead of dealing with it, Staff decided to punish those who have been here all along. Like shooting a patient because they contracted the measles instead of nuking the infection.

Nipples are nipples, tumblr. There is nothing inherently sexual about some and not others, depending on the shape of the body they’re attached to. We’ve had this discourse for years. Adding the word “presenting” doesn’t tidy that over.

It was actual real child pornography with real victims that got you in trouble, tumblr, not nsfw-fanart of consensual adults getting it on.

This is betrayal of the users that have been here all along, it sucks, and I hope the backlash gets bad enough it forces Staff to reconsider. Until then - enjoy the Exodus and meme the hell out of it as you go, dear mutuals - hope to see you out there!


It’s perfectly fine to reblog it, please do! And feel free to add your own thoughts and comments as well - this is an important angle to the discussion, and it should be heard, loud and clear!

masterpost of tumblr alternatives



this post will be updated as I find more websites to add! please check with the original before reblogging to see if there’s an updated version, and message me with more suggestions if you have them!!

for general use

  • myspace.com - yes, it still exists, i’m just as surprised as you
  • soup.io - very similar to tumblr, plus it can import your tumblr blog
  • - allows posting both text and photos in sets, allows retweets

geared towards writers and bloggers

geared towards artists and photographers

  • deviantart.com - huge community, allows posting art + sorting into folders
  • furaffinity.net - similar to DA but for furries, easy to display commish info
  • instagram.com - photo and video posts, excellent tag search
  • piczel.tv - allows both streaming and posting art / photosets to a gallery
  • pixiv.net - huge anime art community, allows livestreaming

paid platforms

  • patreon.com - subscription-based access to many diff types of content
  • pillowfort.io - still in beta, but should function almost identically to tumblr
  • typepad.com - similar to wordpress but with reblogging and a dash

ways to save your current tumblr posts

  • use the wayback machine! you do have to archive each page of your blog individually but once you do all the content, including media, will be saved exactly as it was at the moment you archived it.

  • wordpress and soup both allow you to directly import whole tumblr blogs, and if i recall correctly it’s something both dreamwidth and pillowfort have said they are working on.

  • if you have some knowledge of computers you can try this github solution which uses a python script to download your whole blog to your computer. even if you don’t know anything about programming or the command line they give a very good beginners tutorial on how to use it so you should still give it a shot!

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in anticipation of reckoning day



I think the real problem here is that big media corporations seem to believe that social media userbases are fungible, and persist in acting on this belief no matter how many times it’s demonstrated to be wrong.

There’s a specific pattern of events that plays out over and over (and over) again, and it looks something like this:

1.蛋蛋28苹果手机版下载 Social media platform becomes popular

2.蛋蛋28苹果手机版下载 Social media platform is purchased by big media corporation in order to gain access to it large user base

3. Big media corporation realises that social media platform’s demographics are not the demographics they want to sell things to.

4.蛋蛋28苹果手机版下载 Big media corporation institutes measures to drive away “undesirable” users, apparently in the honest belief that the outgoing users will automatically be replaced by an equal number of new, more demographically desirable users

5. This does not, in fact, occur

6.蛋蛋28苹果手机版下载 Social media platform crashes and burns

You’d think that, by the sheer law of averages, at least one person who’s capable of learning from experience would become involved in this whole process at some point.

*Looks back at Bolt and Bolt 2.* Yup pretty much spot on.

“ queenology:
“Now this is interesting
Article: http://motherboard.vice.com/en_us/article/a3mjxg/apple-tumblr-porn-nsfw-adult-content-banned

Alternatives to Tumblr if Yahoo goes any further






  1. Soup.io - well-known alternative to Tumblr. Reblogging, post types, themes, collab blogs, dashboard, artsy, great community already there. Soup can auto-import everything you’ve posted on Tumblr.
  2. TypePad - Includes reblogging. Dashboard and post types similar to Tumblr.
  3. Jux - Artful posts, beautiful blogging experience

蛋蛋28苹果手机版下载Reblogging cause one day it just may be neccessary.

It became necessary

WordPress will also import Tumblr blogs.

i’ve gotten a lot of suggestions for pillowfort and mastodon and even newgrounds, but here are some other alternatives.

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From someone who’s survived MySpace, livejournal, deviantart, and fanfiction.nets’ content purges and bad policy updates, here’s some advice on how to get through tumblr’s recent bullshit:

蛋蛋28苹果手机版下载- don’t knee jerk delete. I know it’s tempting to peace out immediately but hang on and do the other steps first. Out right ghosting and erasing everything is how fandoms die.

蛋蛋28苹果手机版下载- archive everything on your blog you want to keep

- tell your followers how they can archive and keep your work too. A lot of fic and art were only saved from ff.net and lj because other people saved it first. If you’re cool with other people saving your work for them to personally keep, let them know this. You can absolutely discourage reposting but I really do highly recommend you allow people to personally save fic and art they like and are worried will disappear forever. Digital Dark Ages are a real thing.

蛋蛋28苹果手机版下载- tell people where you’re jumping ship to. Give links. Keep that info up, even if you’ve left the site.

- go through who you follow and find out where else you can follow them. Save their work if they’ll allow it. It’s tedious as hell but if you want to keep up with people on here clicking on their page to check in is the best way to do it.

蛋蛋28苹果手机版下载- support places like ao3. This is exactly why ao3 asks for donations a few times a year. They are a 100% anti-purging, judgement free, ad free non profit run by an elected board and protected by lawyers. Places like ao3 literally save fandom so please continue to support them and other similar archives. This is exactly why ao3 is so important.

If you think your art blog is going to be deleted:




You can save all your posts with these instructions
蛋蛋28苹果手机版下载I’ll do it too just to be safe, I honestly don’t remember what I’ve posted here over the years.

You can also import a copy of your blog into wordpress.蛋蛋28苹果手机版下载 YMMV if you have a huge amount of posts.

Oh thanks!! This is also a good one!! In case the first doesn’t work or you don’t have the memory for a whole zip of your blog~

If you think your art blog is going to be deleted:


You can save all your posts with these instructions
I’ll do it too just to be safe, I honestly don’t remember what I’ve posted here over the years.